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Hallow Advent Challenge Summary

Hallow Advent Challenge Summary

Hallow Pray25 Advent Challenge Summary

  • CC had 149 different students praying on Hallow, with over 4500 prayers completed!
  • 145 of those prayed at least 1 day of the C.S. Lewis Advent Challenge, with some also praying a Daily Rosary, the Christmas music, and some Daily Reflections with Jonathan Roumie and Jeff Cavins.
  • 31 students in grades in grades 7-12 completed the Pray25 Challenge – WOW!
  • 7 teacher/staff completed the Pray25 Challenge – INCREDIBLE!
  • We celebrated with students attending an Epiphany party yesterday and learned about Jonathan Roumie’s journey and how his role in The Chosen has impacted his life – AMAZING!

We are so proud of everyone who made prayer a priority over the holidays!  Jonathan’s final words of advice to seniors yesterday “Pray every day”.

Have a great semester everyone!  There will be another challenge during Lent…more to come! 

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