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Thank You from LUM

Thank You from LUM

We received a nice note from LUM thanking us for our donations to LUM during our “Shelter the Homeless” drive. Sister Lenore would like you all to see their words:

Dear Sr. Lenore and Lafayette Catholic School students,

Thank you for your generous in-kind gift of approximately 2,000 assorted toiletries and assortment of socks for the Lafayette Urban Ministry shelter for those individuals experiencing homelessness.

Lafayette Urban Ministry provides overnight shelter to our homeless guests 365 nights a year (366 on leap years). Since it opened in 1984, the LUM Emergency Shelter has now provided a safe, warm overnight stay more than 285,365 times. We know better than most how it is that the homeless end up on the street, and the monumental challenges they face in returning to a life of stability.

Many of our clients struggle with addiction to alcohol or other substances, which prevents them from holding a job and leasing an apartment. They have long ago burned bridges with family and friends. Individuals don’t find themselves guests in LUM’s shelter unless the social fabric of their lives has come unwound. Our job at LUM is to encourage and support our homeless clients as they confront the challenges that confound them. We show compassion and provide tangible support to each person.

Lafayette Urban Ministry provides more than just a well-run, safe and secure emergency shelter and winter warming station. We provide the homeless with the tools they need to leave our shelter. We have helped thousands of homeless men and women make a fresh start. For nearly 40 years LUM has remained steadfastly committed to helping our homeless neighbors navigate the road to recovery and self-sufficiency.

I am truly thankful that you have chosen to share your support so that this important work can continue.


Wes Tillett
Executive Director

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