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Service Hours are Due in 2 Days

Service Hours are Due in 2 Days

Check your progress on this spreadsheet >> 2022-23 Service Hour Standings

    (MobileServe is great, but not perfect! The spreadsheet has your most up-to-date progress!)

Check for Ongoing Opportunities here >> Ongoing Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions Answered here >> Service Learning FAQ

Students: Log your Hours here >> Mobile Serve


A few additional reminders:


  • The Service Learning Coordinator has been meeting with all Theology classes once per month to discuss Service Learning, upcoming opportunities, how to log hours, and why each student at CC is required to perform service to one’s community, especially serving the poor and needy.  
  • Each month, the students have been reminded of Service Learning due dates and consequences for not completing their hours by April 30. 
  • Students and parents signed Service Learning Agreements at the beginning of the school year confirming their understanding of the Service Learning Program, indicating they will adhere to the due dates, and accepting the consequences that will begin May 1 if the student’s hours are not completed by April 30.
    • I understand that if my child does not turn in complete hours by April 30 my child will be ineligible for extra curricular activities for as many days as it takes to complete and that it rolls over to the next season if applicable. Because technology has proven to be a distraction from what is most important, I understand that my child may have to remain after school to finish schoolwork and be unable to take their laptop home until the hours are complete. I understand that if my child does not complete those remaining hours by May 20 they will go in front of the Discipline Committee with a recommendation that the student be withdrawn from Central Catholic as this is primary to our mission. 
  • All students with less than half of their hours completed were met with individually by the Service Learning Coordinator prior to spring break. If they did not have a plan to complete they were helped to make one. Students who were absent during this time were sent a Schoology message to make an appointment as needed.
  • Parents of students who have less than 4 total hours and/or ZERO direct and indirect hours were sent Schoology messages during the 3rd quarter regarding their student’s progress.


Please be sure to read through the provided documents before responding with any questions.  If you do still have questions after reading through this information you can reach out to Elizabeth Bonner, Service Learning Coordinator, by email at ebonner@lcss.org.

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