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Organization, Note Taking & Study Skills workshops continue tomorrow!!

Organization, Note Taking & Study Skills workshops continue tomorrow!!

Is your child struggling with school work?

They may need more support with organization, note taking, and/or study skills!  Students are disorganized because they are often rushed and they have inefficient systems in place. They struggle to use their notes to study because the notes are either incomplete or copied verbatim and cannot explain the information in their own words.  They may be resistant to studying because they don’t see the point and get tired of being told what to do.  Many students are in a vicious cycle of completing work to simply “get it done” rather than taking the time to learn skills that are associated with the work.

Students need strategies to help them recognize the “rushed” state of mind in the morning when they are preparing for the day or at the end of the day when leaving school or heading to an extracurricular activity. They need organizational strategies to help them break down overwhelming tasks into manageable steps. They need strategies to help them take better notes and cognitively process information in their own words prior to writing.  They need study strategies to help them tackle different types of test questions and focus on the most critical information for upcoming final exams.

If you are shaking your head in agreement with any of the above statements, your child may benefit from one (or more) of the following sessions over the next week.  All virtual (Zoom) sessions will begin at 7:30am, the links are posted on Schoology, and are available in the Virtual Student Services Office.  The sessions will be recorded and shared on the Virtual Student Services Office.  Please encourage your child to attend or view the information at a later time!

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