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Summer Band Opportunity

Summer Band Opportunity

The LCSS Bands will continue to have an opportunity from the West Lafayette Band Department to sponsor our summer band program. The West Lafayette Director Mr. Kelso Daning is excited to welcome all LCSS Junior High and elementary band students into their June summer band program! This opportunity will allow students to practice their skills in a larger group setting, have more direct sectional time with coaches, as well as get to know fellow students and musicians in the area. This camp is an exciting way to boost skills and get a head for the summer and also ends with an optional trip to Indiana Beach!

Please look over this information/sign up form and return it directly to the WL directors. Any specific questions should also be directed to them as well.

CC 7th and 8th graders would be a part of the Advanced Band Group.

We look forward to encouraging LCSS students musically as well as promoting the band community in the Lafayette and West Lafayette area.

The registration deadline is the May 17 but just know that it is a rolling deadline and can be turned in late!

Mrs. Daning

Summer Band Form for 6-8 (2)

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