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Youth In Industry Day

Youth In Industry Day

Youth in Industry Day is coming up soon.

Some of our students know what they want to do after high school and college graduation.  The rest of the students are probably not sure what their major will be in college—let alone their career.  And that’s all right.  We in the guidance office are here to help.  Since career decisions should be in line with the person’s interests.  In order to examine the student’s interests the juniors took a career interest inventory.

Finding the right career fit goes beyond passion.  Individuals have to consider what they want to be doing and what they are good at.  On April 22nd from 10:00 AM-2:30 PM our junior students will be out job shadowing in the community.  We realize that this time frame might not work well with some jobs, so other hours can be set up on the job shadowing day if necessary.  I am hoping that the job shadowing experience will help our students tie all of this together.

Students will observe how English, math, problem-solving and other basic skill are used.They should also be introduced to lifelong learning and the importance of it in today’s workplace.  Students should be introduced to team work and the importance of it at the work site. For several years now, adults in the Lafayette area and our C.C. family have graciously let our students spend time with them on our Youth in Industry Day so that they might learn about jobs and careers.  Students witness the work first hand and learn about education and training for the job.  They will learn about the rewards of the career and the problems and disadvantages.  Job shadowing allows students to gain valuable exposure to careers.  We are hoping that this up-close exposure to careers will help students make more accurate career decisions.

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