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Twenty-First Century Scholar Program

Twenty-First Century Scholar Program

As we get further along in the school year, I want to share with you some of the changes in the 21st Century Scholar Program.  As parents I hope you will seek out help when you need it, so that your student can increase their opportunities to reach their goals.  The work the students put forth inside and outside the classroom will result in a payoff for them. It is important that your student does what is necessary to maintain their 21st Century Scholarship.  These requirements start with this year’s freshman and sophomore classes and will continue until they graduate from high school.  There are also some requirements that this year’s senior class must be knowledgeable about and complete.  Parents and students can stay on top of these requirements by visiting Scholars.IN.gov.  This site will help parents and students manage their scholarship.

After graduation, seniors must enroll in college as full-time students.  Students must take 30 credits in college per year to meet the completion requirement.  Students must complete 30 credit hours by the end of the first year, 60 credit hours by the end of the second year, and 90 credit hours by the end of the third year.  If fewer hours are completed the student will receive a reduced award. Dual credit in high school can be applied to the credit requirements.  Have your college student check with their adviser to make sure these credits have been applied toward the credit completion requirement.   They must also maintain a minimum G.P.A. while in college.  Students can check at their financial aid office to find out about the G.P.A. requirement.

Seniors in high school must also complete the FAFSA by January 1 and before March 10th.  Keep in mind that many colleges have a March 1st financial aid deadline.  They must also make updates or corrections to their FAFSA by May 15th.   Students can file online atwww.fafsa.gov.  Parents and students can obtain a personal pin number to sign their FAFSA at www.pin.ed.gov.

Students must also keep the 21st Century Scholars Pledge that they took when they enrolled in the program to not use illegal drugs or alcohol, or commit a crime or delinquent acts.  Seniors must complete their affirmation statement in order to receive their scholarship.  Parents and students can get help completing the FAFSA at College Goal Sunday, which will be held at Ivy Tech.  You can visit CollegeGoalSunday.org for more information.

This year students in the 9th and 10th grade must complete the requirements for each grade level and log them in the Scholar Success Program.  The requirements for the ninth grade are: create a graduation plan, participate in an extracurricular or service activity, and watch “Paying for College 101”.  All ninth graders have a graduation plan, which was completed at the end of the eighth grade.  We have a paper folder in the guidance office.

All tenth graders must take a Career Interest Assessment and get workplace experience, such as job shadowing or interviewing someone about their career interest.  They also have to complete the college cost estimator, found at  Scholars.IN.gov/scholartrack.  Check out the Learn More Indiana website here.

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