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The Redesigned SAT

The Redesigned SAT

What is the best way to get ready for that upcoming SAT?  You have an opportunity every day as you sit in class and acquire new reading, writing, and math knowledge and skills.  Take advantage of the sample questions on the College Board website.  Also students should use the free practice on Khan Academy.  This will help you learn about the test as well as build your skills.  Free practice can be found at https://www.khanacademy.org/sat.  Understanding test directions in advance and being familiar with the formatting of questions will help students feel comfortable and be more confident when taking the test.

Students should stay healthy and get plenty of rest as the test day nears.  They should avoid problems on test day by knowing where to go and what to bring.  Cell phones and other electronic devices need to be left at home.

Parents and students are wondering about the score range of the new redesigned SAT.  The total score range is 400-1600.  This score will be the sum of the evidenced based reading and writing and the math section.  There are 96 questions on the reading and writing and language tests and 58 questions on the math test. These will be reported on a 200-800 range.  The evidenced based reading and writing score is derived in equal measure from the scores on the reading and writing and language tests.  The math test score is derived from the math test.  The essay will give three essay scores, one for each of the three dimensions reading, analysis, and writing.

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