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Student Spotlight–Morgan Torres

Student Spotlight–Morgan Torres

Birthday: February 20
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite vacation: Dauphin Island, AL
Favorite school subject: Math
Favorite food: wings
Favorite movie: The Blind Side
Favorite Lafayette restaurant: Maru
Favorite sport & team: CC Knights 🙂
Favorite saint: St. Christopher
Favorite prayer: St. Michael the Archangel

Plans for next year:
Hopefully go to Purdue University,
join ROTC (officer training school) and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Building Construction Management
Dream job/life:
Having my own business of flipping houses or going active in the United States Army as an officer. But if anything, moving somewhere warm 🙂 Also, a lot of traveling!

picture 3Favorite thing about CC:

Going on my fourth year here at Central Catholic I would have to say the biggest blessing I receive every day is the warm community and family we have here. It may seem like just the average day to anyone else, but I appreciate the attitude we have towards each other, and the way we treat each other. lalaAll based on Jesus’ love, I find myself thankful for being raised in this community, so when the real life hits us, it should be easy. Having an education and being surrounded with great people and Christ I truly believe added to the shaping of my character and what I will do in my life. This is what I find most significant about CC than anywhere else, and I find myself thankful for it everyday! Including all the opportunities we have here as well, like all the sports, clubs, retreats, and our service projects! Being introduced to all these fun things to fill our schedules up, I become closer with friends/peers all the time!

lallalalaMy summer I am guessing was not a whole lot like yours. I ended up in South Carolina at Fort Jackson for Basic Combat Training. I had enlisted into the United States Army on February 28, 2015 and haven’t looked back since then. Basic training was by far one of the most heavily physically and mentally demanding challenges I’ve ever done. From the very first day you get there, “Day Zero”, to the last day you are going non-stop, 0430 (4:30 AM) to 2200 (10:00 PM). All day, every day, in 100 degree weather, sweating, moving, drilling, marching, eating, training, training, training, and staying highly motivated :). Yes, it is just like the movies you see or the stories you may hear about when it comes to the military. The challenges were tough, but super exciting for me. I loved every last bit of it, from the “gas chamber,” to night infiltrated courses, shooting in the dark, FullSizeRenderlearning to move/attack/defend in the most effective ways, to sleepless nights in my fox hole, throwing grenades, shooting heavy artillery weapons, and learning to be a soldier truly was one of the proudest things I may ever do. I always looked up to soldiers, they were always real heroes to me, but I never thought I would become one!

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