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Rizlyon Jorjaim Baguisa

Rizlyon Jorjaim Baguisa

Birthday:  December 10
Favorite season:  Winter
Favorite vacation:  Philippines
Favorite school subject:  Art/Graphics
Favorite food:  Kentucky Fried Chicken and Rice with Gravy
Favorite movie:  Rush Hour 3
Favorite book:  Ranger’s Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan
Favorite Lafayette restaurant:  Shellie’s Cafe
Favorite sport & team:  Football & Borussia Dortmund
Favorite saint:  St. Francis of Assisi
Favorite prayer:  Our Father Riz2

Plans for next year:  I want to attend IU, room with my buddy, and major in Game Design.

Dream job/life:  I dream of a joyful family I can support and become a successful game designer who ultimately manages his own powerhouse of a gaming company. I want my family and I to live somewhere kind of quiet.

Riz3Favorite thing about CC:  CC is a pretty nice place to go! I’m privileged I get to attend CC because it’s a good positive environment. What I like most about CC is the student family and the athletics. Since CC is a pretty small school, you get to know each other pretty well, plus our athletics have been successful these past few years. My favorite activities at CC that I have experienced are; being on the sports teams such as the football team, and SEARCH, a good retreat.

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