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Marissa Lynn Allen

Marissa Lynn Allen

Birthday:  May 21
Favorite season:  Fall
Favorite vacation:  Seattle, Washington
Favorite school subject:  Art
Favorite food:  Mac ‘n’ cheese
Favorite movie:  The Interview
Favorite book:  The Fault in Our Stars
Favorite Lafayette restaurant:  Starbucks…That’s not a restaurant, but I get it way too much
Favorite sport & team:  The Knights are a pretty good team 🙂
Favorite saint:  St. Francis of Assisi
Favorite prayer:  Guardian Angel

Plans for next year:  My plans for next year are to go to college and to get a bachelor’s degree in photography.

Dream job/life:  I would love to travel around the world and go to places I have never been to. I would also love to settle down and live in California by the beach. A dream job of mine would be to work for some music magazine and take pictures for it.

Favorite thing about CC:
  What I like most about CC is that we are all one big family. If something happens to one of us, it affects us all. You are never alone in this community. I feel like you don’t have that kind of bond at other schools. Most of us have been with each other since kindergarten or first grade. We have not only watched each other grow up, but we have helped each other grow into great people.

IMG_8014One of my favorite activities is participating in March for Life. I have gone every year since sophomore year. It gives you the chance to make a difference for something that we truly believe in. Actually participating in the march is something incredible. You get to see things and hear stories that can really impact you. It also gives you the chance to get closer to students in other grades because we are all stuck on one bus for a good amount of time. 🙂
I am glad to be attending CC because I know that they are preparing me for when I graduate. I know that I am learning everything I need to go forth with my education and my spiritual relationship with God. I will also be taking many great memories with me when I graduate.

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