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Jack Norman Reifenrath

Jack Norman Reifenrath

Birthday: August 6th
Favorite season: Winter
Favorite vacation: St. Kitts
Favorite school subject: Visual Communications
Favorite food: Fried Rice and Orange Chicken
Favorite movie: American Sniper
Favorite sport & team: Football & North Carolina
Favorite saint: St. Sebastianjr3
Favorite prayer: Our Father
Favorite Christmas tradition: Waking up and opening gifts with my family and having our relatives coming for food and gifts.

Plans for next year: I plan to go to college to study business/ business management.

Dream job/life: Dream job or life would be car salesmen or manager of Chevrolet or Ford.

jr4Favorite thing about CC–My favorite things about CC would be how we are like a small community/loving family. My favorite memories will be playing football with my classmates, cheering in the student section, and daily moments in school being with my friends. I will miss the SEARCH retreat moments with my classmates and the Juniors.jr2


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