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What is the typical response to, “How was your day?”

What is the typical response to, “How was your day?”

Questioning Strategies That Provoke Higher-Level Thinking

  • Require your student to consider prior information by asking questions such as:
    • “Why do you suppose…?”
    • “What can you conclude from the evidence?”
  • Ask your student to state an idea or definition in their own words.
  • Ask questions that require the solution to a problem.
  • Involve your student in observing and describing an event or object by asking questions such as:
    • “What do you notice here?”
    • “Tell me about this”
    • “What do you see?”
  • Ask your student to compare two or more objects, statements, illustrations, or demonstrations, and identify similarities or differences between them. While identifying similarities, students will begin to establish patterns that can lead to understanding of a concept or generalization (Jacobson et al.,1993).
  • Children need opportunities to process information by justifying or explaining their responses–dealing with the why, how, and the based-upon what aspects of a concept.  

Questioning your student promotes reflective and critical thinking. I challenge you to start asking your student questions beyond the standard “How was your day?” or “How did your Algebra test go?”  Who knows, you may end up in a great conversation!

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