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PSAT is TOMORROW for all Sophomores & Juniors!

PSAT is TOMORROW for all Sophomores & Juniors!

Set the stage for a good testing experience:

  • Do something you enjoy, like listening to music or watching TV before you go to bed. This will help you relax.
  • Go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Wake up early so that you don’t need to rush through having breakfast and getting ready.
  • Have a balanced breakfast and don’t add anything new to your diet.  Eggs, yogurt, or bananas are always good options.
  • When you arrive to school, head to your designated testing location with plenty of time to spare. A lot of unexpected events can happen on your way there and you do not want to be late!

Where to go?

  • Juniors in McHale Gym
  • Sophomores in the Cafeteria

What to bring?

  • No. 2 pencils (we will have extra No. 2 pencils). Mechanical pencils are NOT allowed!
  • Acceptable calculators
    • Most graphing calculators
    • All scientific calculators
    • We will have 4-function calculators available, but these are not recommended.  You will NOT be allowed to use your cell phone or access your computer during testing.
  • Scratch paper (provided)

*All testing begins immediately following prayer/announcements

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