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It’s the final countdown….for the 2020-2021 FAFSA!

It’s the final countdown….for the 2020-2021 FAFSA!

All seniors need to have their 2020-21 FAFSA submitted by 11:59 pm EDT tomorrow (Wednesday) APRIL 15th!

21st Century Scholars going into Military Service:

  • They should still submit a FAFSA (and complete their ScholarTrack) so we can keep their scholarship for them, post-service.
  • They will get a DD240 Form when their service is over, and they can file an Appeal on ScholarTrack to get their scholarship.

If you’re not sure how to submit the 2020-2021 FAFSA, please check out our informational videos on our Learn More Indiana YouTube website:


  • FSA ID video
  • FAFSA Checklist video
  • Virtual Senior Scholar Meeting video

For free help, call INvestED Indiana at 317-715-9007 (now thru 6:00 pm today or tomorrow). Super nice people who are VERY knowledgeable on all things FAFSA and financial aid J

You can call the FAFSA Helpline at 1-800-433-3243 (any time now thru 11:00 pm today or tomorrow).

The minimum action we need right now:

1.       Create your Student (personal) FSA ID  à you’ll need to use a personal, permanent email address (NOT a school one)

2.       Enter in your personal data (SSN, Legal Name, Birthday, Address, Phone Number) on the 2020-2021 FAFSA

3.       “Sign” your FAFSA with your FSA ID and click SUBMIT.

  • If you have a parent, your parent will also need to create their own FSA ID in order to “sign” your FAFSA.

Keep your FSA ID information organized and in a safe place, as you will need it often…every time you make a change/update on a FAFSA and then every year when you do your next FAFSA!

*Make sure you receive a confirmation email from the FAFSA…this shows you successfully submitted it with the date and time.

Again: students have until tomorrow, April 15th at 11:59 pm EDT to submit their FAFSA.

Have a wonderful day!

Take care,

Rachel Meyer

Outreach Coordinator – West Region

Indiana Commission for Higher Education

Mobile: 317-447-4870

Student Support Center: 1-888-528-4719



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