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Last Week’s Study Help Sessions

Last Week’s Study Help Sessions

I am happy to announce that 75 students (7th-12th graders) joined me throughout the week last week for the study help sessions!  If your child attended any of the sessions, hopefully they gained additional strategies to help them prepare for upcoming final examinations.  For those students who were unable to attend, I am including an outline and information for your reference.

Monday: Using Online Tools to PLAN Ahead

  • Is your child using the daily or weekly planning sheets I shared to plan ahead for upcoming exams? If not, have them stop by my office to pick up more!
  • Did you hear about how they can use the “Reminders” on their MacBook to ensure they don’t forget to study?
  • Have they showed you the free myHomework app?

Tuesday: Quality Work During Study Sessions

Wednesday: Learning from Mistakes

  • If your child attended the session on Wednesday, ask if they have a fixed or growth mindset. Do you agree?
  • See if they can tell you any of “Ten Most Common Test Mistakes” AND, the SOLUTIONS to those mistakes!
  • Did your child share any of Mr. Steeb’s “Top Ways to Learn from Your Mistakes”?
    • Don’t wait until the last minute.
    • Organize your notes.
    • Correct mistakes on past tests and quizzes.
    • Use your textbook and HIGHLIGHT important information.
    • Make notecards!
    • Eat a bit of chocolate.
    • Attend study/review sessions.
  • Do you know if your child’s teachers are offering REVIEW SESSIONS? Check out the Schoology calendar to find out!

Thursday: Responding to Different Types of Test Questions

  • Did you know we covered ways to respond to multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay questions, along with tips for answering math and science problems? If your child struggles with any of the above types of test questions, hopefully they attended that day!

Friday: Study Strategies to Increase the Retention of Information

  • Ask your child about the 5 BEST Study Skills
    • Reduce Interference
    • Space It Out
    • Use Whole and Part Learning
    • Recite It
    • Use a Study System
      • Check out the SQ3R study method

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