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Finals Exams are NEXT WEEK!

Finals Exams are NEXT WEEK!
  1. Check Schoology to review the weight of your final exams (percent) for each class.  The higher the percent = the more important you study and perform well on your final!
  2. Use your computer notepad or a calendar/planner to write down your schedule each day between now and December 20th.  The more detailed you are with what you will study, the time you study, and the place you study, the more likely it will happen.
  3. Set up your study sessions:
    1. Free from distractions (phone put away, no TV, music with no lyrics).
    2. Try the Pomodoro Technique to schedule your study time.
    3. Limit your study session to one subject.  If you bounce between subjects, you are less likely to learn the material.
    4. Set up your study location similar to that of the school environment (lighting, seated upright in a chair, at a desk or counter, etc.).  Research shows this helps with the retention and recall of information!
  4. Locate prior tests and study guides to review errors and check for understanding.  You NEED to speak with your teachers this week if you have questions or need help.

Stop by Student Services on Monday to pick up daily and weekly planning sheets, or if you need help with study strategies!

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