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Final exams are almost here!

Final exams are almost here!

You have ONE WEEK of normal classes left before finals week. Make sure that you take the weekend to organize yourself by doing the following things:

  1. Check for any missing assignments. List them all out and assign due dates. If you don’t know the last day your teacher will accept them, check with your teachers. Each day, write out a list of assignments to complete (including missing work) and tests you need to study for. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO TURN MISSING WORK IN; YOUR TEACHERS NEED TIME TO GRADE.  If you need help, ask Mrs. Amstutz, Mrs. Weise or Dr. Davis!
  2. Check on each class’s expectation for finals week. This will be communicated by your teacher. If you are virtual, make sure you read through the expectations for finals week as well (linked here). 
  3. Start studying NOW if you haven’t already. Spend some time over the weekend organizing yourself and planning for each classes’s expectations for that week. Check out the resources tab in this group for study and organization tips and tricks.
  4. Plan some breaks, fun activities, and Advent practices to help you unwind from your work and prepare yourself for the season. It’s great to want to accomplish a lot, but you also need to practice self-care in order to stay healthy.

We are almost there – you can do this!

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