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Are you stressed about Thanksgiving?

Are you stressed about Thanksgiving?

Holidays are stressful for everyone: the hosts, family members that don’t want to see each other, people grieving lost friends or family, and people that wish they had more family and friends with which to celebrate.

So, I encourage you to turn any frustration you have about the upcoming holiday, into something you can be thankful for. It might sound like…

  • “I’m thankful I have a family to argue with.”
  • “The mashed potatoes might be lumpy, but at least we’re blessed enough to be enjoying them.”
  • “I really don’t want to go to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving, but I’m thankful I have some place to go.”
  • “I really wish my Mom were here for Thanksgiving, but I’m thankful I had many wonderful Thanksgivings to spend with her.”

Also, at this time of year, we so easily get absorbed into our own problems and dilemmas. As we’re reframing our challenges into gratitude, let’s also try to think of others and their challenges.

Is there somebody you know that will be spending the holiday alone?… invite them over.

Is there somebody mourning the loss of a loved one?… tell them you’re sorry for their loss and you’re still thinking/praying for them.

Is there somebody you’re arguing with?… brace yourself, this is a tough one… forgive them and remind them that you both should, perhaps, be thankful for whatever relationship you do have with one another. Because you never know when it may not be there one day.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that this message inspires you to brighten the holiday for one more person!

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