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Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up


Just a couple reminders for Drop-Off and Pick-Up at Central Catholic.  It looks as if we have several students being dropped off up front which seems to be causing a large back-up.




Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 1.08.46 PM

This is a map of the main parking lot.  All students, especially junior high students, can be dropped off at the Athletic Door entrance.  Please use the second lane when dropping off as the first lane is used for faculty parking.  When picking up students, especially after practices, please do not use the first lane.  Our faculty need to leave school and parking in the first lane waiting on your students makes it hard for them to get out.

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A reminder for drop off at the front, please do not park on the curb across from the main entrance.  If you need to unload, use one of the parking spots up front.

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During pick-up, please do not pull in front of the main entrance and park.  It helps everyone if you park along the curb.  When your student has arrived in your vehicle you may pull out of line and leave.  Those still waiting can then pull forward.

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