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Phishing Emails

Phishing Emails

Dear Friends of Central Catholic Athletics,

On Monday, October 16th the LCSS Technology Department confirmed with Google that our email contacts list was compromised as the result of a phishing scam.
Q: What does this mean?
A: You may receive or have received one or more emails from Tim Bordenet, Patrick O’Keefe, or Central Catholic Athletics asking you to either remit payment or view the receipt of a paid invoice. The Central Catholic Athletics Department does not send or receive electronic payment. Any attempts to gain access to your financial information via email or other online method should be disregarded and reported to the LCSS Technology Department (helpdesk@lcss.org).
Q: What does this email look like?

A: An example of the email received by a CC parent is below.

“Greetings CC Parent,
Your payment of $3678.41 to Tim Bordenet was sent. Allow up to 2 days for a transaction to occur. See your receipt HERE
Thank you, 
Tim Bordenet”
Q: Was any other information compromised in the phishing scam?
A: No. Google confirmed no external users have access to any LCSS accounts.
Q: Why does it look like the email is coming from someone at LCSS?
A: This is a technique called Spoofing. The sender appears to be a member of an organization you know – in this case LCSS – but the reply address is actually someone outside of the organization attempting to trick you.
Please email any questions to the LCSS Technology Department at helpdesk@lcss.org.


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