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Outstanding Junior High Play!

Outstanding Junior High Play!

Congratulations to Miss Canarecci and the entire cast and crew who performed the play “Paper or Plastic:  The Ice Storm”.  Performances were held on Sunday, January 28 in the afternoon and again Monday during 10:10 for the Junior High students!  Miss Canarecci was the director and had help from student directors Conner Hack and Michael Thieme!  Many other senior students helped including Emily Hicks, Michael Thieme, Ethan Finney, Ted Hamacher, Isabell Austin and Andrew Ortner.


The Junior High cast included:

Emma Painter, Kindra Cook, Vivian Switzer, Liz Hutzel, Kate Hutzel, Elizabeth, Buczkowski, josiah Lewis, Jenny Diaz, Lexi Schramm, Lillian Pounds, Payton Albregts, Molly Thieme, Anthony Rodriguez.


Great job!


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