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You spoke, we listened! After evaluating our Feast of the Hunter’s Moon fundraiser over the last year and taking in feedback from students and parents, we are making some changes in order to make it more efficient and workable for everyone. This fundraiser really fits our mission: we work together to build the Kingdom of God, we go out as witnesses to our faith and we get to celebrate in thanksgiving to our Father for all His blessings. If you have not worked on the Feast fundraiser before we hope you’ll get as excited as we are for these new changes and get on board with this great CC tradition! It’s truly something special.

Summary – We recognize that junior year is incredibly strenuous with SATs and general course loads, so the objective here is to spread out the work over multiple years. Instead of doing the dumpling prep weekend, the Feast weekend, the auction prep weekend and prom all in one junior year, the process will occur over their freshman, sophomore and junior year. This will be the only class fundraiser as underclassmen. Each class will continue to have a staff moderator (announced at the beginning of the school year). The system will play out as follows:

Please note: it is MANDATORY for all students AND THEIR PARENTS to participate in each activity each year.

Freshmen & their parents – You will work on the last weekend in September to prepare the dumplings & the ovens (this year it’s September 25). The majority of you will come to the Central Catholic cafeteria on that Sunday afternoon and make 4,000 apple dumplings in two shifts. You’ll transport the dumplings to a local grocery store to be stored and ensure everything is cleaned up. A smaller group will head out to Fort Ouiatenon the day before to dig and build our two ovens. Sign up here (look for “Freshmen” time-slots and when you sign up, be sure to indicate 2 spots as you’ll be working with your child): http://vols.pt/fEcECj

Sophomores & their parents – You will work the actual Feast weekend (this year it’s October 1-2). You’ll dress in period clothing (don’t worry — we’ll help you find outfits!) and come out to Fort Ouiatenon to work in shifts. Some of you will set up the booth, tear down the booth and help put everything back in the basement. Jobs on the weekend include: serving the dumplings, cooking the syrup, manning the ovens, cleaning the pans, etc. In the spring time you’ll work one 3-hour shift to tear down after prom. Sign up here (look for “Sophomore” time-slots and when you sign up, be sure to indicate 2 spots as you’ll be working with your child): http://vols.pt/fEcECj

Juniors & their parents – This year, while we transition to the new system, you may choose one of the above weekends you’d like to work and special jobs. We especially need our seasoned parents to help with this transition, so please jump in and help out! You will also serve as heads of committees this year. In the future: junior families will not help with the feast at all as they would have already put in their time the two previous years. In the springtime, juniors and their parents will help with Blue Knight Auction set-up, as usual, and prom. Sign up here (look for “Junior” time-slots and when you sign up, be sure to indicate 2 spots as you’ll be working with your child): http://vols.pt/fEcECj

Other changes – Working along with the revolving Class Moderators, Caitie Beardmore will begin to serve as our new “Feast Coordinator”. Having one consistent person overseeing the work from year to year will help to have a more organized system so that your time and efforts are utilized efficiently. If you have questions about these changes or the volunteer sign up, you can email Caitie at cbeardmore@lcss.org. She will be sending more info throughout the summer but take time now to click the link, sign up and mark your calendars!!!

The money raised each year will go into a prom and a senior trip “bucket”. Each year the budget for prom and the senior trip will come out of those buckets. It is incredibly important and expected that each family fully participate, both student and parent, in each activity. This is a mandatory part of our class system. Please email me if you have questions about that.
Please let me know if you have questions. We look forward to working with you side-by-side to serve God and our community of faith.


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