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eLearning Day

eLearning Day

Lafayette Central Catholic applied and was granted approval for eLearning Days for the 2017-2018 school year. Our staff has been engaged in Professional Development to understand state requirements and develop lessons to ensure a quality eLearning Day. eLearning is designed to be delivered through Schoology, and your child’s lessons will be posted by their teachers. We scheduled an eLearning Day for April 27, the Friday before Blue Knight Auction.  This makes up for one of the snow days from earlier in the year.

Central Catholic is aware that not every student has ready access to Internet on days that eLearning may be required. Students will be afforded the opportunity to access their eLearning materials PRIOR to an anticipated e-Learning Day, while at school, in order to access and complete their e-Learning assignments at home. Students without access to the internet and who are unable to access materials beforehand will be given 1 extra day to make up the work. This will be handled by each individual teacher.

Facts for eLearning Day on April 27 at Central Catholic:

  • Prior to April 27, we will use Professional Development to prepare for the day. March 22 will be an eLearning practice day throughout our school. Attendance at school is required!  Students will be in the classroom, and teachers will deliver a lesson like it is an eLearning day. What does that look like?
    • Teachers will prepare a lesson to be delivered through Schoology on March 22.
    • Students will enter their classroom and log into Schoology to view the lesson. Teachers are to include three components to the lesson; instructional, practice, and assessment.
    • Students will work to complete the assignment during their class period.
    • Questions they have during the class period will be answered by their teacher.
    • We will then use the professional development time after school that day to analyze the day and to prepare ourselves for April 27.
  • April 27 – students will not come to school that day, and we will treat it as an eLearning Day.
    • Prior to the students leaving school on Thursday, April 26, they will have access to the lesson on Schoology for April 27.
    • Attendance Verification: On April 27, the students will visit our website, www.cc.lcss.org to record their attendance.  
      • Students will click the “eLearning Attendance” button to open the attendance form.
    • Teachers will upload their lessons to Schoology.
    • A full lesson should take students 20-40 minutes to complete. Students will have one lesson per class.
    • The lesson will contain new or review material. Students will be afforded the opportunity to complete the assignment and submit the assignment with the guidelines established by individual teachers.
    • Teachers have been instructed to be available from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to address student questions. Response times to student inquiries may vary by teacher.
    • STUDENTS WORKING AT CC FOR BKA – Any student that wants to come to school and work with Blue Knight Auction will have that opportunity. Students simply need to come to school and sign in that they are working for the Blue Knight Auction. This will count as their attendance for the day. They will receive extra time for their eLearning school work, which will not be due until Monday.

For more information on IDOE eLearning days:  https://www.doe.in.gov/elearning/elearning-day-program

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