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K9 Search

K9 Search

Dear Parents,

The safety of every student is of the utmost concern to those who govern the Lafayette Catholic School System (LCSS). The same applies to the administration, faculty, and staff at Central Catholic Junior/Senior High School (CC). We strive to make sure that our students have a positive Catholic Christian environment in which to learn: one that is alcohol and drug free. A couple of proactive measures we take to ensure this: conduct drug tests throughout the school year and we work with the Lafayette Police Department (LPD) and their K-9 unit.  The LPD has an open invitation to show up to conduct unannounced K-9 dog searches of the building and parking lot. The administration assists with the searches.

K-9 dog searches are a part of our Emergency Preparedness Plan and teachers are trained on how to respond to these searches. A code is announced over the public address system. The faculty and staff follow the K-9 dog search guidelines. Classroom doors are shut and students stay in their classrooms until the all clear is given. During this time, the faculty continues to instruct so there is no lost instructional time. Once the all clear is given, we continue to follow our daily schedule.

The first K-9 dog search of the school year took place today. The searches lasted about 40 minutes. We are pleased to announce that nothing was found. We have tremendous students who are committed to ensuring their Catholic school is a safe and drug free environment in which to learn so they can deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

The administration, faculty, and staff at CC want to thank the LPD for all their efforts in helping us to provide a positive Catholic Christian environment for our students to learn. The LCSS is committed to ensuring the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. We thank you for your support!


Neil Wagner, Principal


Melissa Robertson, Assistant Principal

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