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What a Fiesta we had!!

What a Fiesta we had!!
The decorations and music were fabulous and set the mood, the food was the best in town, and most of all…we had a great crowd there to support PACE. We’re still doing the math, but a nice, healthy sum will be going to make our teachers’ dreams come true. Stay tuned for final numbers.
Thanks go to…
The committee of Ilda and Jesus Gaytan, Ann Marie Markun, Liz Pestow, Sandra Valle, Mary Ulery, Jennifer Page and Noreen Beardmore. As is always the case, the committee had more fun than anyone!
Parent volunteers – Erin Albregts, Dave Cramer, Cathy DeBoy, Gamaliel Gutierrez, Kate Hensley, Stephanie Joyce, Heidi and Tim Lescun, Ryan O’Gara, Lucy Piotrowski, Adriana Rojas, Stephanie Shurman, Jose Valle and Jill Walker.
Mr. O’Keefe’s students who designed some great posters! It was ultimately   Joseph Marcun’s poster that was chosen to show up all over town to promote the fiesta. It looked great!
Mr. Steeb’s Spanish class who, along with Ann Marie Marcun, helped to create beautiful decorations for the cafeteria.
Mayra Gaytan, for getting the playlist together. The music really helped to get us all in the Fiesta mood!
Our group of CC students who were so helpful in keeping things tidy and running smoothly – Mary Bowman, Juliana Lechman, Lilli Lescun, Jessica Li, Valeria Lopez, McKenna Lutz, Nick Page, Abby Piotrowski, Chloe Poindexter, Carlos Rojas, and  Jiarui Xie.
And finally, Jesus and Ilda Gaytan, who spent many hours working with the menu, along with Taco Rico, to bring us delicious, authentic tacos and all the fixins. If you get a chance, visit Taco Rico on Sagamore Parkway North, and thank them. We’d like to let them know that when local businesses support CC, we support them!
We’ve heard a lot of great feedback from far and wide, and from folks who worked that night, so many have said “Sign me up!” for next year! (A sure sign of a successful night!) We’re already talking about ways to make our Second Annual Fiesta even better in 2020, so stay tuned!
Thanks again to everyone who made this fun night possible!

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