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Weekly Athletic Schedule

Weekly Athletic Schedule

Please see the table below for our Weekly Athletic Schedule for August 28 – September 8th. There are a few events in which volunteers are still needed, such as, 9/5/17 JV Football (2-Concessions needed); 9/6/17 J.H. Football (3-Concessions needed); 9/7/17 Varsity Boys Soccer (1-Concession needed) and 9/8/17 Varsity Football (1-Ticket seller). If you are available for any of these events, please send an email to Julia Denhart at centralcatholicathletics@lcss.org. 

8/14/20196:00 PMVarsity Volleyball vs Frontier SCRIMMAGEHOME - McHale GymJoanna LewisAdam Vandy
Erica Rawles
8/15/20194:30 PMVarsity Tennis vs Lafayette JeffLafayette Jeff
8/16/20197:00 PMVarsity Football vs Frankfort - SCRIMMAGEHOME Tickets:

Adriana Rojas
Adam Vandy
Ticket Takers:
M.A. Grove
Penny Reed
Andrea Kline
Colette Hutzel
Christine Siemers
8/17/201910:00 AMVarsity Girls Soccer vs Frankfort SCRIMMAGEFrankfort HS
8/17/201912:00 PMVarsity Boys Soccer vs Danville SCRIMMAGEHOMEAdriana RojasTammy Siemers
David Cramer
8/20/20195:30 PMVarsity Tennis vs Frankfort Frankfort
8/21/20194:30 PMJV Girls Soccer vs Lafayette JeffHOMEAngela SimmonsNEED
8/21/20196:00 PMVarsity Girls Soccer vs Lafayette JeffHOMEChristina SchmidtElizabeth Searle
Terri Gillam
8/22/20195:30 PMVarsity Cross Country vs Frankfort InviteFrankfort HS
8/22/20195:30 PMVarsity Tennis vs SouthmontSouthmont
8/22/20195:30 PMVarsity Boys Soccer vs North MontgomeryHOMEBarb SchummerSandy Schwartz
David Cramer
8/22/20196:00 PMJH Football vs CarrollCarroll
8/22/20196PM/6PM/7PMFresh/JV/V Volleyball vs HarrisonHarrison
8/23/20197:00 PMVarsity Football vs Tri-WestTri-West
8/24/20199:00 AMVarsity Girls Soccer vs Lebanon InviteLebanon
8/24/201911:00 AMJV Football vs Tri-West Tri-West
8/24/201911:00 AMVarsity Boys Soccer vs Lebanon InviteLebanon
8/26/20195:00 PMVarsity Girls Soccer vs Faith ChristianHOMELaurie SuppingerRuth German
Colette Hutzel
8/27/20194:30 PMVarsity Tennis vs RensselaerRensselaer
8/27/20195:00 PMVarsity Boys Soccer vs NorthwesternHOMEBarb SchummerJoanna Lewis
Pamela Myers
8/27/20196PM/6PM/7PMFresh/JV/V Volleyball vs LogansportLogansport
8/27/20193:45 - 5:15JH Fall Sports Pictures +Dance
8/28/20194:30 PMVarsity Tennis vs Lafayette JeffHOME
8/29/20195:00 PMVarsity Tennis vs Danville HOME
8/29/20195:00 PMVarsity Boys Soccer vs DelphiDelphi
8/29/20195:45 PMJH Football vs Twin LakesHOME7th: Christina Schmidt
8th: NEED
7th: Katie Delgatto
Heather Simers
8th: NEED
8/29/20196PM/7PMJV/Varsity Volleyball vs Benton CentralBenton Central
8/30/20197:30 PMVarsity Football vs Guerin CatholicGuerin Catholic
8/31/20198:00 AMVarsity Cross Country vs Sheridan InviteSheridan
8/31/20199:00 AMVarsity Tennis vs Western InviteWestern
8/31/201910:00 AMJH Cross Country vs Sheridan InviteSheridan
8/31/20199:00 AMVarsity Volleyball CC InviteHOME - McHale & Eberle GymsJH Entrance Gate: Heidi O'ConnorNEED
Arrive: 8:00 AM
8/31/201910:30 AMVarsity Volleyball CC InviteHOME - McHale & Eberle GymsJH Entrance Gate:
Angela Simmons
Arrive: 10:00 AM
8/31/201912:00 PMVarsity Volleyball CC InviteHOME-McHale & Eberle GymsJH Entrance Gate:
Katrina Fultz
Arrive: 11:30 AM
8/31/20191:30 PMVarsity Volleyball CC InviteHOME-McHale & Eberle GymsJH Entrance Gate:
Jose Valle
Arrive 1:00 PM
8/31/20193:00 PMVarsity Volleyball
CC Invite
HOME-McHale & Eberle GymsJH Entrance Gate:
Denise Rider
Arrive 2:30 PM

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