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Weekly Athletic News

Weekly Athletic News

Please see the table below for our Weekly Athletic Schedules for Tuesday, December 7, 2021 – Wednesday, December 22, 2021.
So many volunteers are needed for upcoming events. Please consider volunteering your time at an event. 

Parents are required to work 2 events, per sport, per child. Please sign up to work your required amount of events. If you are available to work any of the events, please email centralcatholicathletics@lcss.org or sign-up through Eventlink. 

If you have not signed up to work events, through eventlink.com – be sure to look for the events on this table marked “NEED” Instructions on “how to” sign-up for events via Eventlink is listed below:
Please follow the steps below for sign-ups:
A. Log-in to eventlink.com 
B. Request to Work for a School
1. Click the  EVENT JOBS tab.
2. Go to the Worker Requests pane.
(You should see all the schools you are subscribed to listed. You can’t work for a school unless you are subscribed to it.)
   3. Click REQUEST next to the schools you want to work for.
   4. Wait for the school to accept your request. (The status is shown to the right of the school.)
C. Open Jobs
     (Open jobs are jobs that schools have left open for their approved workers to sign up for).
      1. Inside the EVENT JOBS tab go to the Open Jobs pane.
      2. Refine the list of open jobs if you would like by filling in the available fields and clicking SEARCH .
3. To accept an open job, click ACCEPT next to the job you want.
4. Click YES to confirm in the pop-up window.
      (A window will open saying you’ve successfully accepted that job. The job will appear in your My Assignments)

12/7/20215:45 PM7th Boys Basketball vs TecumsehHOME - Eberle GymChristina GerkeyTressa Heath
Lindsey Jones
12/7/20215:45 PM8th Boys Basketball vs TecumsehTecumseh
12/7/20216:00 PMBoys/Girls Swim/Dive vs NorthwesternNorthwestern
12/7/20216:00 PMJV Girls Basketball vs McCutcheonHOME - McHale GymKim ThompsonJessica Bordenet
Kim Walter
12/7/20217:30 PMV Girls Basketball vs McCutcheonHOME - McHale GymKelly CarpenterAdriana Salinas
12/8/20216:00 PMFresh Girls Basketball vs HarrisonHOME - McHale GymNEEDNEED
12/8/20216:00 PMVarsity Wrestling vs CarrollCarroll
12/8/20216:00 PM7th Boys Basketball vs Clinton PrairieClinton Prairie
12/9/20215:30 PMGirls/Boys Swim/Dive vs Benton CentralBenton Central
12/9/20216:00 PMFreshmen Boys Basketball vs HarrisonHOME - McHale GymKelly CarpenterNEED
12/10/20216:00 PMJV Boys Basketball vs Culver AcademiesHOME - McHale GymFront Entrance:NEED
JH Entrance: Theresa Owens
Cristina Gomez
Cristina Gomez
12/10/20217:30 PMVarsity Boys Basketball vs Culver AcademiesHOME - McHale GymFront Entrance: Martin/Martin
JH Entrance:
Molly Datzman
12/11/20219:00 AMVarsity Wrestling vs Clinton Prairie Invite
12/11/202112:00 PMJV Girls Basketball vs CathedralHOME - McHale GymElizabeth PestowJessica Bordenet
12/11/20211:30 PMV Girls Basketball vs CathedralHOME - McHale GymTheresa OwensNEED
12/11/20215:00 PM/6:30 PMJV/V Boys Basketball vs Blackhawk ChristianBlackhawk Christian
12/13/20215:45 PM7th Boys Basketball vs West LafayetteWest Lafayette
12/13/20215:45 PM8th Boys Basketball vs West LafayetteHOME - Eberle GymBarb SchummerNEED
12/13/20216:00 PMFreshmen Boys Basketball vs Western BooneHOME - McHale GymMarybeth FabianNEED
12/14/20215:45 PM7th Boys Basketball vs DelphiHOME - Eberle GymTressa HeathJennifer Anderson
Sarah Fassnacht
12/14/20216:45 PM8th Boys Basketball vs DelphiHOME - Eberle GymTricia SchuesslerNEED
12/14/20216:00 PMVarsity Co-ed Swimming/Diving vs Twin LakesTwin Lakes
12/14/20216:00 pMVarsity Wrestling vs WesternWestern
12/15/20216:00 PMFreshmen Boys Basketball vs Fountain CentralFountain Central
12/15/20216:00 PMJV Girls Basketball vs RossvilleHOME - McHale GymGeorge ChovancekKim Walter
Heather Brooks
12/15/20217:30 PMV Girls Basketball vs RossvilleHOME - McHale GymEileen CochranNEED
12/16/20216:00 PMVarsity Co-ed Swimming/Diving vs CarrollCarroll
12/16/20216:00 PMVarsity Wrestling vs Faith ChristianFaith Christian
12/16/20216:00 PM7th Boys Basketball vs St. JamesHOME - Eberle GymGeorge ChovancekTressa Heath
Tressa Heath
12/17/20216PM/7:30 PMJV/V Boys Basketball vs CovingtonCovington
12/18/20218:30 AMVarsity Wrestling vs McCutcheon InviteMcCutcheon
12/18/20219:00 PM7th & 8th Boys Basketball vs Broncho TourneyTecumseh
12/18/202112PM/1:30 PMJV/V Girls Basketball vs Warren Central Warren Central
12/18/20216:00 PMJV Boys Basketball vs RossvilleHOME - McHale GymFront: Katie Delgatto
MB Fabian
JH Entrance:
Sandy Schwartz
Alisan Clayton
12/18/20217:30 PMVarsity Boys Basketball vs RossvilleHOME - McHale GymFront: Michelle Denney
JH Entrance: NEED
12/22/20216:00 PMJV Girls Basketball vs Tri-WestHOME - McHale GymHeather BrooksDarcy Telenko
Darcy Telenko
12/22/20217:30 PMVarsity Girls Basketball vs Tri WestHOME - McHale GymNEEDNEED

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