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Weekly Athletic News

Weekly Athletic News

WELCOME to the Weekly Athletic News page!!
Please see the table below for our Weekly Athletic Schedules for Tuesday, September 14 – Saturday, September 25, 2021.

Parents are required to work 2 events, per sport, per child. Please sign up to work your required amount of events.

If you have not signed up to work events, through eventlink.com – be sure to look for the events on this table marked “NEED” Instructions on “how to” sign-up for events via Eventlink is listed below:
Please follow the steps below for sign-ups:
A. Log-in to eventlink.com 
B. Request to Work for a School
1. Click the  EVENT JOBS tab.
2. Go to the Worker Requests pane.
(You should see all the schools you are subscribed to listed. You can’t work for a school unless you are subscribed to it.)
   3. Click REQUEST next to the schools you want to work for.
   4. Wait for the school to accept your request. (The status is shown to the right of the school.)
C. Open Jobs
     (Open jobs are jobs that schools have left open for their approved workers to sign up for).
      1. Inside the EVENT JOBS tab go to the Open Jobs pane.
      2. Refine the list of open jobs if you would like by filling in the available fields and clicking SEARCH .
3. To accept an open job, click ACCEPT next to the job you want.
4. Click YES to confirm in the pop-up window.
      (A window will open saying you’ve successfully accepted that job. The job will appear in your My Assignments)

9/14/20214:30 PMVarsity Golf vs City/CountyCoyote Crossing
9/14/20215:00 PMVarity Tennis vs Hoosier ConferenceTwin Lakes
9/14/20215:30/6:30 PMJV/V Boys Soccer vs McCutcheonMcCutcheon
9/14/20215:00 PMVarsity Cross Country vs Carroll InviteCarroll
9/14/20215:45 PMJH Football vs West LafayetteHOME7th: Prudie Miller
8th: Jennifer Dimmitt
7th: Lindsey Jones
Courtney Lashbrook
9/15/20214:30 PMVarsity Golf vs City/CountyCoyote Crossing
9/15/20215:45 PM7th Volleyball vs East TippEast Tipp
9/15/20215:45 PM8th Volleyball vs Twin LakesHOMEChristina GerkeyJodie Dahm
9/15/20216:00 PMVarsity Girls Soccer vs HarrisonHOME Stacy HackAlejandra Macais
9/15/20216:00 PMC-Team Volleyball vs Guerin CatholicHOME - McHale GymAlisan ClaytonVicki Metzger
Mayra Medrano
9/15/20216:30 PMJV Volleyball vs Guerin CatholicHOME - McHale GymBeth VorstBecky Martin
Becky Martin
9/15/20217:00 PMV Volleyball vs Guerin CatholicHOME - McHale GymAlivia GutweinBryan Stapleton
9/16/20215:00 PMVarsity Tennis vs Hoosier ConferenceTwin Lakes
9/16/20215:15 PMJH Cross Country InviteHOMEColette Hutzel
Kristy Korchnak
Kristy Korchnak
LoSitah Reising
9/16/20216:00 PMJV/V Volleyball vs RensselaerRensselaer
9/17/20219:00 AMVarsity Girls Golf Sectionals
9/17/20217:00 PMVarsity Football vs TiptonHOME - LaRocca StadiumTicket Booth:
Tera Butz
Tera Butz
9/18/20219:30 AMV Cross Country vs New Prairie InviteNew Prairie
9/18/202110:00 AMV Boys Tennis vs Hoosier ConferenceTwin Lakes
9/18/202111:30 AMV Girls Soccer vs Cardinal Ritter HOMEElizabeth SearleStacey Hack
9/20/20214:30 PMVarsity Boys Tennis vs AtticaAttica
9/20/20215:45 PM7th Volleyball vs KlondikeHOME - Eberle GymShelby EveridgeLoSitah Reising
LoSitah Reising
9/20/20215:45 PM8th Volleyball vs KlondikeKlondike
9/21/20215:00 PMV Boys Soccer vs Twin LakesHOMEBarb SchummerAlejandra Macias
Pam Myers
9/21/20215:00 PMJH Cross Country vs TJHS InviteTippecanoe Amphitheater
9/21/20216:00 PMJV Volleyball vs Clinton PrairieHOME - McHale GymCarla TesoTraci Haan
Traci Haan
9/21/20216:30 PMV Girls Soccer vs Hoosier ConferenceTBD
9/21/20217:00 PMV Volleyball vs Clinton PrairieHOME - McHale GymMary UleryNEED
9/22/20215:00 PMV Boys Soccer vs RossvilleRossville
9/22/20215:00 PMV Tennis vs Seeger
9/22/20216:00 PMC-Team Volleyball vs Tri-WestHOME - McHale GymMary UleryCristina Gomez
Vicki Metzger
9/23/20214:30 PMV Tennis vs HarrisonHOME
9/23/20215:30 PMJV Volleyball vs Western BooneHOME - McHale GymBeth VorstTraci Haan
Traci Haan
9/23/20216:00 PMJH Football vs North VermillionHOME - LaRocca Field7th: NEED
8th: NEED
7th: NEED
8th: NEED
9/23/20216:00/7:00 PM7/8 Volleyball vs Lafayette ChristianLafayette Christian
9/23/20217:00 PMVarsity Volleyball vs Western BooneHOME - McHale GymCathy BradyNEED
9/24/20218:00 PMVarsity Football vs RensselaerRensselaer
9/24/20218:45 AMVarsity Cross Country vs Culver Academies InviteCulver Academies
9/24/20219:00 AMVarsity Tennis vs Frankfort Round RobinFrankfort
9/24/20219:00 AMVarsity Volleyball vs Blue River Valley InviteBlue River Valley
9/24/202111:45 AMJH Cross Country vs WCJC InviteBenton Central

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