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The American Legion Hoosier Boys State Program

The American Legion Hoosier Boys State Program

My name is Scott Weyler and I am the new Director of The American Legion Hoosier Boys State. On behalf of our organization, I want to sincerely express my hope that you and your families had a wonderful, and restful, Thanksgiving. As we close in on 2018, I thought I would give you an update on what is going on with next year’s program – taking place from June 17th to the 23rd. The information below will help ensure a smooth process for both you and the talented young gentlemen that will be applying to attend Hoosier Boys State.

Online Application
We are now accepting applications through our website. The application is pretty straightforward and we have made some amazing additions to it. New this year, applicants and parents noted on the application will be given important information about their main point of contact immediately upon submission. This will help facilitate communication between everyone involved leading up to registration at Trine University.

         Important notes for applicants regarding the online application:

  • The Enrollment Packet should be printed before applying.
  • Personal emails are preferred over school emails because of filter and security settings.
  • Please ensure all emails submitted on the application are set to accept info@hoosierboysstate.org and the district chairman’s email.
Online Application
Our website is an incredible source for information and we encourage you to visit it sometime. Ranging from activity breakdown during the week to scholarship information, a lot of initial questions can be answered through this resource. We also have a lot of photos and videos from previous years on our website and social media, giving a great perspective on what happens throughout the week. Below are a few webpages you and the applicants might find useful.
Our Mission
Elective Offices
Words from Alumni
Daily Activities
College Fair

The cost to attend the program is 300 dollars. However, this cost is paid for by a sponsor. Most of the sponsors are local American Legion posts, though, local community organizations and some schools sponsor as well. The important thing we want to emphasize is that the applicant’s family will not need to cover the cost of this experience.

I cannot tell you how excited we are to kick off 2018’s Hoosier Boys State program. We take a lot of pride in providing a program that helps build important qualities in our next generation of leaders. We truly do consider it a week to shape a lifetime, and we hope to have your support in recommending quality candidates join us for 2018’s program.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your local American Legion posts, our District Chairmen, or info@hoosierboysstate.org.


Scott Weyler

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