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Retiring Teachers – Open House (Updated)

Retiring Teachers – Open House (Updated)

LCSS has some sad, but exciting news.  This spring Mary Anthrop and Mary Ellen Karberg Crose are retiring from Central Catholic; Maggie Yarnall and Mary Alice Bloom are retiring from St. Mary; and Pat Rogers is retiring from St. Lawrence. These ladies have been an important part of our schools. They have been our teachers, mentors, coaches, and friends, and LCSS is proud to celebrate their time with us.

Over the years, they have touched countless lives and have inspired their students to succeed. As they complete their last year of teaching, we are asking alumni and friends to submit their own “report card” or more importantly a “memory card.” At their retirement open house this summer, we would like to present to them a bunch of memories and well wishes. Below you will see the requirements for these memory cards. We hope you consider submitting one.

  1. Memory Report Cards – Size 4×6 inch index card.
  2. Address the Message to Miss Anthrop, Mrs. Crose, Mrs. Yarnall, Mrs. Bloom, or Mrs. Rogers.
  3. On the card, be sure to include your name (maiden and/or married) and the year you graduated or your child graduated, or the year you had them as a teacher.
  4. On the body of the notecard, feel free to write them a note, recall a favorite memory, or wish them well in their retirement.
  5. Feel free to decorate your card, add a picture or express yourself.

All Memory Cards are due by May 20th.  Please mail your cards to LCSS Business Office, 2410 S. 9th Street, Lafayette, IN 47909.

Alternatively, you can also email your “memory card” to lcssmarketing@lcss.org.

There will also be cards available to be filled out at the open house.

Don’t forget the retirement open house on Sunday, June 5th from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. at Central Catholic. 

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