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Student Service – KNIGHT 360 News!

Student Service – KNIGHT 360 News!

Sophomore Parents

Beginning on June 10, 2019, your student’s ISTEP+ Grade 10 First Time Administration Spring 2019 preliminary results will be available in the ISTEP+ Parent Portal. Within the Parent Portal, you will be able to view your student’s scale score, performance level (Did Not Pass, Pass, or Pass+), and constructed responses to Part 1 (open-ended) items for each content area test your student participated. After reviewing this information, you may also request that your student’s response to one or more open-ended test items be rescored.   A copy of the letter with your child’s claim code will be sent home with students this week. Please be sure to put this letter in a safe location so you can access the code when scores become available.

Biology ECA
The ILEARN Biology ECA is tomorrow!  All students enrolled in a Biology class will report to Eberle gym at the start of the day.  Be sure your child gets a good night’s sleep tonight, charges his/her computer before bed and eats breakfast in the morning.  Thank you!

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