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Spirit Day Tomorrow – Friday, August 17th

Spirit Day Tomorrow – Friday, August 17th

Welcome Back to school. Enjoy a Spirit Day this Friday, August 17th.

See below for the Spirit Day Dress Code.

Jeans or sweats must be clean, neat, without holes or tears, and must be hemmed. Shorts are not permitted on Spirit Days unless they are C.C. uniform shorts. Any item worn on a Spirit Day must bear the school name or logo. Students may also wear any C.C. team gear purchased or issued during spirit days. If a student does not own a school shirt, any C.C. school uniform shirt is acceptable.

Items NOT acceptable for Spirit Days include but are not limited to: Hoodies, coats (including Letter Jackets) hats, tank tops, halter-tops, spandex tops, and shirts with cut-off sleeves or yoga/spandex pants.



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