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Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

With Monday’s solar eclipse looming, it is important to remind all students, staff and parents that looking directly at the sun (even during the time that it is 90% covered as it will be here) will cause permanent retinal damage. Tinted glasses and sunglasses will NOT provide enough protection. Only approved solar glasses should be used to view this event. Please understand that the potential exists to severely damage your eyes if approved procedures are not followed during the eclipse.

Also, using your cell phone to take an unfiltered picture of the event could damage your phone’s camera.

The event will begin here a little after 1:00 pm with the maximum eclipse for our area at around 2:20 pm. The eclipse will last until around 3:45 so avoid looking at the sun as you exit the building. All students with approved glasses and or a pinhole projector, as well as the students who are in a science class, will be given the opportunity to go outside and experience the great event in the afternoon. Many of our teachers will be talking with our students about what a solar eclipse is and finding opportunities to experience it in a variety of safe ways from using approved glasses, to pinhole boxes, to live video feeds in the classrooms. We encourage anyone who would like to join us on the practice fields to have their students make a projector at home or in class, purchase glasses and bring it to school on Monday. If you would like to have your student opt out please complete the form on the attached flyer and have them turn it into our front office by Monday morning.

You can also view the live stream here https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/eclipse-live-stream

Here are some links to make basic pinhole projectors:

The following link from the Department of Education provides some excellent resources, materials, and safe viewing guidelines for Monday’s Eclipse.

The NASA website also has additional great resources for this once in a lifetime experience! https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/eclipse-101


Solar Eclipse Opt-Out Form

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