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Social Emotional Learning and “Fresh Start Mondays”

Social Emotional Learning and “Fresh Start Mondays”
This morning our 7th and 8th grade students began the SECOND STEP ADVISORY program in their 10:10 classes.  Lessons will continue throughout the year every week on “Fresh Start Mondays.” While this is starting in Junior High classes, the intent is to continue to share information with students & parents school-wide. Check out the information below to help facilitate conversations in your home — this is a powerful resource for all of our parents!

CHECK OUT PARENTEENCONNECT.ORGParenTeenConnect.org, a free website for parents and their teens created by the makers of the Second Step Program, is a great resource for middle school families. It provides expert advice and practical tools for dealing with real parent-teen issues.

GET TALKING WITH PARENTEEN CONNECTAt ParenTeenConnect.org, you can hear from real parents and teens about the issues that cause conflict in their lives—including screen time, independence, responsibility, and communication—and get expert advice. Visit ParenTeenConnect.org at home with your child, select a topic together, and get talking!

ParenTeenConnect.org, un sitio de internet gratuito para los padres y sus adolescentes desarrollado por los creadores del Programa Paso Adelante, es un gran recurso para las familias con hijos en Secundaria. Proporciona consejos de expertos y herramientas prácticas para enfrentar problemas reales entre padres y adolescentes.

CÓMO UTILIZAR PARENTEEN CONNECT (CONEXIÓN PADRE-ADOLESCENTE) EN EL HOGAREn ParenTeenConnect.org, puede leer sobre los problemas reales entre padres y adolescentes que causan conflictos en sus vidas—incluyendo tiempo frente a una pantalla, independencia, responsabilidad, y comunicación—y obtener consejos por parte de expertos. Visite ParenTeenConnect.org desde su hogar con su hijo, seleccionen un tema juntos, y ¡hablen!

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