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As we look to next year and reflect on what we have learned this spring, I wanted to give you a quick update concerning our plan for Service Learning:
  • If we return to in-person classes this fall, the requirements for the Service Learning program will return to what they were before the quarantine
  • If significant restrictions are in place, we will work to adjust the requirements based on what seems reasonable and what we learned from this spring’s experience.
  • Since we do not know what next spring will hold, we will set a checkpoint on October 31st. On that day, 50% of each student’s yearly hours will be due, which will help keep students on track and provide an opportunity for students to catch up before the start of 2nd semester if they are behind.  This 50% amount can be in any combination of the total hours from each category due for your student.
  • This fall we will be looking to the 10-12th graders to take on more leadership within our service program. Those who choose to join a leadership team will earn hours by helping facilitate and lead opportunities for students in grades 7-9.  More information will be available in the following months.
  • Through this student team, we will be working to provide more group opportunities for service for our 7-9th graders as they learn what it means to serve as a Knight.
If you have any questions about our plans, or about what your students can do to get ahead on service this summer, please reach out to Mr. Storey (rstorey@lcss.org). I am happy to help in any way I can.

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