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School Choice Bill Moves to the Senate!

School Choice Bill Moves to the Senate!

We have GOOD NEWS! On Tuesday evening, after a spirited debate, HB 1005 passed out of the House by a vote of 61 to 38. If you would like to see how your legislator voted click HERE.

Many thanks to all of you who reached out to your elected representatives in the House. Our outreach DID make a difference!

Now the bill moves to the Senate where it will be heard first in the Senate Education Committee. If it makes it out of the Senate Education Committee, it then goes to the Senate Appropriations Committee. IF it makes it out of that committee, it will go to the full Senate for second reading amendments, and then to the full Senate floor for a vote.

There are lots of steps and nothing is guaranteed! HB 1005 will face tougher opposition in the Senate, so your engagement will be even more important! Please take a few minutes to reach out to your state Senators and let them know how important School Choice is to you or how much it would mean to your family if the amount of support was increased, as HB 1005 proposes.

Thanks again and let’s do this! Contact your senator today!

We also encourage you to send a note to your legislator to thank them for their support on the bill if they voted yes.





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