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Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship Opportunity


High School Seniors who plan to attend an accredited institution of higher learning during the Fall

2016 Semester at the undergraduate level whose major course of study encompasses the fields of

Engineering, Public Works Administration, Public Relations, Finance or other programs within the public

works field are eligible. Candidates must reside within Indiana. Students may be part- time or full-
time at an accredited institution of higher learning; however, candidates must be seeking a degree. Active

members of the 2016 Scholarship Committee of the APWA Indiana Chapter and their immediate family

members are not eligible.


For 2016, the Chapter intends to award one scholarship of $1000 per year. Any individual recipient will

be eligible for a maximum of $4000 over four years, although successive individual awards are not

guaranteed. Awards will also include a free student APWA membership. Scholarship winners must stay

enrolled in an accredited institute of higher learning for all four years to receive the entire scholarship of

$4000. Following review of all applications, the Chapter may also consider issuing additional

scholarships. The Chapter reserves the right to not issue a scholarship if no submitted application is

deemed to indicate a scholarship issuance is warranted.


All application materials must be e-mailed or postmarked on or before April 15, 2016 and submitted to

the current Scholarship Committee Chairperson. An award presentation will be made at the May 26,

2016 APWA Golf Outing at Eagle Creek golf course in Indianapolis. Recipient is encouraged to attend

but attendance is not mandatory to receive the scholarship.

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