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Pick Up/Drop Off Details

Pick Up/Drop Off Details

The schedule for Central Catholic Jr-Sr. High School pick-up/drop-off is shown below. Please note, there is no open pick-up/drop-off on Thursday. 

Central Catholic Jr. – Sr. High School – Summer Laptop Program

If you did not opt to purchase your laptop last summer and you would like to use your laptop over the summer for summer school or personal use, please complete THIS FORM. Please note there will be a $50.00 charge and the laptop will be due back to the school on or before July 31st. Drop-off times on July 31st will be from 8 to noon at the CC main entrance.

New Laptops for 7th Graders

All 7TH GRADE students will have the option to buy the new 13” MacBook Air they will be issued this fall. The MacBook is valued at $999.99. The purchase price is $199.00. Students opting to purchase their MacBook will be allowed to use the MacBook free of charge over the summer and keep the laptop upon graduation. The anticipated pick-up date for those opting to purchase the MacBook is Wednesday, July 1st. CLICK HERE to complete your purchase. 

Q: Why would I buy the laptop if my child will be issued a new laptop regardless of whether or not I buy it?

A: Purchasing the laptop allows your child to use the laptop free over the summer and keep the laptop when they graduate. Based on the current resale market, the estimated value of the 2020 laptop in 2026 (the year of incoming 7th graders graduation) is between $300.00 and $400.00. Note – we offer the option to buy the device due to the popularity of the request to keep the laptop after graduation. 

Q: What if I purchase it, but my child leaves before she graduates from CC?

A: You will return the laptop to LCSS technology. We will refund the $199.00 buyout price to you. 

New Laptops for Incoming Students

All incoming 8th grade through 12th grade students will have the option to buy the new 13” MacBook Air they will be issued this fall. The pricing schedule is as shown below. 

2020 Seniors – Removal of security software for those that PURCHASED their laptop

Seniors that purchased their laptops may drop the laptop off on Friday, May 22nd to have the laptop factory reset. This will remove all content filters and school-issued programs. We anticipate these will be ready on or before June 15th. Seniors, and the parents of seniors, will receive an email when the device is ready for pick-up. 

2020 Seniors – Resale of 13” 2013 MacBook Air 

Several seniors have inquired about purchasing their 2013 MacBook Air (old model). Seniors do have the option to purchase their current laptop for $200.00. To complete your purchase, CLICK HERE. After completing your purchase, you will need to contact helpdesk@lcss.org to arrange a time to have your laptop factory reset. This removes all content filters and school-issued programs. Please note, newer model MacBook Airs (2018 or newer) will not be resold.

Device Return for Summer Users

Any student with a device over the summer (iPad or MacBook) will be required to return the device to Central Catholic Jr. – Sr. High School on Friday, July 31st between the hours of 8 and noon. Returns will be accepted at the main entrance. If you cannot return the device on July 31st due to a scheduled vacation or other conflict (extended summer school/learning), you will need to email helpdesk@lcss.org to arrange a drop-off time BEFORE July 31st. We will prioritize quick turnaround for students enrolled in summer learning. Please note, the reason all devices must be returned is to ensure they are properly configured for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Wifi Hotspots

If you have a school-issued Wifi hotspot, please return the hotspot along with the box it came in to your school. Email helpdesk@lcss.org if you have any questions. Thank you.


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