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PACE Welcomes our New Families

PACE Welcomes our New Families
New moms at CC – If your name is on this list, we missed you at the Brunch on Saturday! Please stop by the front office to pick up your special gift from PACE (our parent group at CC). If you did not receive a gift and your name is not on the list, please contact Angie Schrader at 474-7500. Welcome to CC!
Hilary Baker
Heather Brooks
Alisia Munoz
Tiffany Tribble
Melissa Pestow
Katie Delgatto
Christina Gerkey
Jenny Haro
Courtney Lashbrook
Melissa McAtee
Miranda Minerva
Shelley Phillips-Breece
Erin Cain
Trish Haan
Kate Kollman
Vicki Metzger
Meghan Radcliffe
Gabriela Silva-Pedroza
Kristen Watson
Alisan Clayton
Natalie Sparger
Leah Kopetski
Maria Munoz
Alisha Sandoval
Amanda Sprague
Julie Williams
Megan Zehring
Caitlin Becker

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