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PACE–Partners for Academic & Community Enrichment

PACE–Partners for Academic & Community Enrichment

“Fostering stewardship by supporting the Central Catholic community academically, socially and spiritually.”

The new Central Catholic PACE organization replaces the Academic Booster Club and Parents Guild, while taking up the most important tasks of each.  

The intention of PACE is to:

  • Continue the emphasis on academic enrichment for students and support for teachers
  • Promote a sense of community for all parents and “stakeholders” of Central Catholic
  • Promote an overall sense of stewardship of our school and our school’s resources

We need everyone on board, sharing time, talent, and treasure, in support of our mission.  Information on financial giving will be announced later.  Right now, several committees are forming to carry out specific tasks and programs.  Committees include:

  • Hospitality:  Providing meals for occasional teacher lunches; food for judges of academic fairs and contests, etc.
  • Welcoming:  Reaching out to current CC parents with information on PACE and its needs; mentoring new CC parents with information and assistance THEY need
  • Academics:  Assisting teachers with activities such as Science Fair, History Fair, and other classroom activities
  • Fundraising Events:  Organizing the annual Fish Fry, Flower Sale, or other fundraising activities
  • Awards Approval:  Evaluating teacher requests for PACE funds throughout the school year, in support of educational enhancement activities and teacher support

Please, sign up for a committee by clicking here

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