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New Sport Survey

New Sport Survey

We would like to gather information regarding your or your child’s involvement in interscholastic athletics, as well as your interest in sports that are not currently supported by our school system. In the spring of 2022, the IHSAA made the significant decision to add boys’ volleyball and girls’ wrestling as emerging sports. This means that the IHSAA will now provide support for these two sports, with the goal of officially recognizing them once 50% of the 407 member schools have started participating. As of spring 2022, there are currently 42 schools with boys’ volleyball teams in the state, and 113 schools with 350 girls participating in wrestling.

When considering adding a new sport, there are various factors to consider such as cost, facility usage, transportation, impact on other sports and school activities, and local competition. This survey is intended solely for gathering information, and its completion should not imply that LCSS will decide to add or not add a sport.

We are sending this survey to all families in LCSS, as any addition of sports programs may have an impact on their child’s experience, regardless of their age. Additionally, we are also sending the survey to the student population of grades 6-12. This survey should only take a few minutes to complete. Thank you.


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