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New: LCSS Reimbursement Program for Host Families to be applied to tuition and fees!

New: LCSS Reimbursement Program for Host Families to be applied to tuition and fees!

Presently, 1 current CC international student (Jerry CC/10) and 1 NEW male international student (Yunlai CC/9) need a host family for 2018-19.

Admission of International Students to the Central Catholic family not only provides our current CC students the opportunity to learn about cultures around the world, but it also enables CC to continually increase the diversity of its student body.

International students who want to earn a US high school diploma find Central Catholic High School to be a great option. CC’s curriculum rigor, high graduation, and college acceptance rates are especially appealing to those who plan to continue their education at a US college.

Some international students have local relatives with whom they reside. Most, however, rely on a host family. And for that reason, LCSS is offering host families of CC diploma-bound international students a reimbursement of $1,250/semester or $2,500/year to be applied to the family’s tuition and fees balance.


In addition to host family reimbursement applied to tuition and fees, there typically is also a monthly stipend to help offset additional expenses. International students coming to CC through a foreign exchange program, such as FLAG, typically have a preset monthly stipend. For students coming to CC independently (not through an exchange program), a monthly stipend should be agreed upon between the student’s family and the host family. This stipend can be set-up to be paid by the student’s family directly to the host family, or it can be run through the LCSS Business Office (with a 1099 issued). The Admissions Office can help with recommended stipends.

Won’t you consider this meaningful experience for not only your family, but also for these wonderful students as well?

Contact the Angie Schrader, Admissions Director, 765.474.7500 or Schrader@lcss.org for more information about becoming a host family!

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