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Lunch Form for June 22nd – 26th DUE TOMORROW (6/18) by 10:00AM

Lunch Form for June 22nd – 26th DUE TOMORROW (6/18) by 10:00AM

REMINDER: This will be the last week for lunches.

Lunch pickups will now be on Wednesday and Friday only. We will provide 3 meals per student on Wednesday and 2 meals on Friday. Lunches will continue through June with Friday, June 26th being the last day for pick up.

To sign up for lunches for next week (June 22nd – 26th) CLICK HEREThe deadline to turn in the form is THURSDAY (6/18) at 10:00 a.m.

We are now passing out breakfast meals with the lunch meals. There will be no sign up for breakfast – it will be first come first serve each day and we will do this every Mon/Wed/Fri. You MUST still sign up for lunches.

As you know, LCSS and Chartwells partnered to begin providing free lunch for ALL LCSS families, age 18 and under, beginning Friday, March 20. We’ve encouraged you to participate in the program and hope this is one less thing you and your family have to worry about in the coming days. A maximum of five meals may be ordered per student.

Pick-up for sack meals will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the front entrance of Central Catholic Jr. – Sr. High School from 11 a.m. until noon.


  1. Do I have to do anything special to receive a breakfast meal with our lunch meal? There will be no additional sign-up for breakfast meals. They will be first come, first serve each day.
  2. Our family is not on the free and reduced lunch program. Do we still receive a free lunch? Yes
  3. Do my children have to be in the vehicle when I pick up the meals? No, only requirements are that you pre-order and are an LCSS family.
  4. What if I cannot get on-line to fill out a form? Call (765) 607-4925 and leave us your name and phone number. Someone will be in touch with you.
  5. How long will this program last? Unknown at this time.
  6. Can I friend or relative pick up the lunches for our family? Yes, so long as you have pre-ordered.
  7. I have additional children in our family that are not currently enrolled at LCSS. Can they get lunch also? Yes, so long as they are age 18 or younger.
  8. If I participate in the lunch program will I be keeping others from having a sack lunch? At this time, we do not anticipate a limited supply of lunches. If that situation changes we will notify families.
  9. Can I provide lunches for visitors in our household? No, ta this time we may only provide lunches on a family basis for those families currently enrolled with LCSS.
  10. How will LCSS be paid for the lunches? LCSS will be reimbursed for lunches through the federal and state lunch program.
  11. Who will be putting the lunches together? LCSS contracts with Chartwells to provide our lunch service. All lunches provided will meet federal lunch requirements.
  12. Why are you only serving Monday, Wednesday and Friday? In an effort to minimize travel time and family work time, we have offered 3 days for pick-up.
  13. Can I order lunches for the weekend on Friday? Yes, but families are limited to five meals per student, per week.
  14. What do I do when I arrive at the school to pick up the lunches? Drive to the front entry, roll down your window and simply say, “Pick-up for the _________, family.” We will verify the order and carry it out to the car for you. No one will be allowed into the building for any reason.
  15. Who do I contact if I have a specific question about this program? Lorrie Rainey, LCSS Food Service Director lrainey@lcss.org or (765) 607-4925.

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