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LCSS COVID-19 Community Update 3/12/20 3:15 p.m.

LCSS COVID-19 Community Update 3/12/20 3:15 p.m.

Dear Families,

Thank you for all the work everyone has been doing with respect to following the guidance provided earlier related to ensuring that we are each doing our best to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Recognizing the ongoing and increased uncertainty that coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing, our highest priority is the health and wellbeing of our students, employees and their families. We are also very mindful that our schools can play an important role in helping contain the spread of this virus. With that in mind we want to keep you updated on the actions we have taken in response to the outbreak. We would ask that you also continue to spend time praying for our local, state and national health-emergency leaders. There are many in our community working very hard to keep all of us safe. During uncertain times like this I am so thankful to be a part of such a loving faith community, and please know you all continue to be in my prayers. We ask that you carefully read the information below to be informed and prepared.

Current Recommendations

On March 6th we issued a Coronavirus Plan of Action that still holds true and we need everyone to follow. The complete plan of action can be found here. We want to reinforce: If you are an employee or student who demonstrates signs of illness, you need to stay home. The information related to the pandemic is constantly evolving. As we continue to get additional information and guidance, we will keep you informed. We are preparing a parent webpage on our parent portal that will have updated data related to our efforts – please look for that. 

Event-Link – Urgent Notices

Please stay tuned to Event-Link notices. Urgent notices will be delivered through this mechanism. Please make sure your Event-Link app and account is up to date. This can be found here: https://eventlink.com/. If you need technical support regarding this please contact 765-607-4908 or helpdesk@lcss.org.

County-wide Coordination

Yesterday, area school officials came together for a meeting at the TSC Administration building. The meeting was led by the Tippecanoe County Health Department and proved to be very informative and helpful. County Health Department officials are not recommending school closures at this time. However, this could change based on the circumstances, and additional decisions may be made accordingly. One of the overall messages of the meeting was that we (area schools/County Health Department) all want to work together with a cohesive and consistent voice coordinated through the Tippecanoe Health Department. All local school systems continue to work together and share information, plans, and communication threads with the common goal of protecting our students, families and community.

Diocese-wide Coordination

This morning our Diocese met to ensure that we are also able to coordinate communication and plans across our Diocese. The Diocese will be providing continued and updated data related to religious education, mass schedules, retreats, homebound services, and other matters related to the faithful. To stay up to date on this information, please refer to their website: https://dol-in.org/

LCSS Task Force

On February 28th, LCSS established a task force of administrators and key staff members to begin preparations for a potential outbreak caused by COVID-19. The task force has been meeting regularly to ensure the actions we take are comprehensive and suitable. All of our schools are required to adhere to comprehensive health and safety procedures. In addition, we have supplemented these resources with additional COVID-19 cleanliness specific guidance, training and information consistent with our own high standards. We would encourage all our families to take steps to protect yourself and others as recommended by the CDC

Contingency Planning for Extended E-Learning

As you may have heard several K-12 schools near Indianapolis have closed or are considering closing based upon the circumstances and confirmed cases in their schools and communities. While this is not the current situation or recommendation in Tippecanoe County, in an abundance of caution we have prepared for this possibility and have prepared an Extended E-Learning Plan. We hope this will not be necessary, but we would like to make sure we are educating our families and planning for such contingencies. We would ask that you carefully review the plan – found here –  as there are several items that we are asking your family to do ahead of time to ensure that your child or children have less disruption in their education. If you have specific questions regarding our Extended E-Learning Plan please direct those as follows:

  • Academic/Learning Related Questions: School Principal or Teacher
  • Technology/Technical Support: 765-607-4908 or helpdesk@lcss.org


This plan will continue to be updated and will remain available through this link along with specific information related to technical and educational support. 

Community Gatherings

We are working with the ISHAA, our Diocese and local health officials with regard to large gatherings. Please visit https://www.lcss.org/ for the latest announcements and updates for any sporting events, meetings or large gatherings. We will be posting a link with updated information.

Spring Break

With the LCSS spring break approaching (March 23-27), we would also like to update you on recommendations for travel. While LCSS cannot restrict personal travel, we recommend monitoring CDC warnings and avoiding both domestic and international destinations where COVID-19 is prevalent. The situation is very fluid, and we encourage you to stay informed with travel updates from the CDC before you travel.  Additional information, as well as a list of countries and destinations with health advisories or restrictions, is available at the CDC website

We thank you for helping us take these precautionary measures in keeping our students, employees and families safe. Please stay tuned and look for our communication. We thank you for your patience and prayers. 


Eric Davis
LCSS Executive Director

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