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Laptop Information

Laptop Information


This summer we are selling the MacBooks. If you would like to purchase your current students MacBook from the school the cost is $215.00.

Every student must turn in a laptop and charger on Friday

  • Please be sure to back all content up in the Google Drive. This is required even if you are purchasing your laptop. ALL CONTENT ON ALL LAPTOPS WILL BE ERASED. 
  • If you need a laptop over the summer for a class, you may pick it up the morning of your first day of class. If you elect not to purchase your laptop, you will be issued a different laptop for the summer. Please be sure to back everything up to Google Drive. 
  • If you are not taking classes and you would like a laptop over the summer you may purchase the laptop you currently have for $215.00.
  • Purchased laptops will be available for pick up Friday, June 7th.

Contact Mr. Botteron if you have any questions. jbotteron@lcss.org Thank you.

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