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How to Request Virtual Learning for my Student

How to Request Virtual Learning for my Student

Dear Parents, 

As we navigate these unprecedented times, please understand that these guidelines and expectations are subject to change depending on student success and the ability to manage this procedure as it is outlined below.  Future requests for virtual learning will require parents to contact administration at least one week prior to entering virtual learning.  Your continued support and patience is so appreciated and needed by many.  If you have questions or need clarification, please email me at mrobertson@lcss.org.  


Procedure to Opt into eLearning


  • Parents who are interested in opting their student(s) into eLearning should contact Mrs. Robertson by submitting a request in an email.  
  • Students who opt into eLearning may do so one time per nine week grading period.  For example, the student is granted permission to participate virtually starting Oct 12.  The student returns  to in person instruction Nov 2.  That student would not be eligible to opt into eLearning again until the next nine week grading period (Jan 4).
  • Students must be passing all courses in order to opt into eLearning.
  • Students who opt into eLearning will participate virtually in one week segments.  This means, if you decide that you would like your child to return to in person school, they will return at the beginning of a school week and will remain in school until the next chance to opt into eLearning at the next nine week term.
  • Parents must contact the school’s administration the week prior to the student returning to in person instruction.
  • Students who demonstrate difficulty with eLearning may be required to return to in person instruction.  


Expectations for All Virtual Learners


  • When 100% of all students in grades 7-12 are virtually learning from home, students will log into cc.lcss.org and click on the quick link on the right side of the page to record your attendance each day.
  • If only part of the student body is virtually learning from home, teachers will record your attendance based upon your attending required live sessions.
  • If a virtual student is too ill or has an appointment, please notify the main office the morning of to report the illness or appointment, just as you would if your student was attending in-person.
  • All virtual learners are expected to be dressed and sitting at a desk, table or chair.  Students should be in school appropriate attire but uniforms are not required.
  • Students are expected to attend and participate in the school All School Masses.  The mass will be live streamed and students will be sent the link to join the morning of the mass.
  • Student cameras should remain on during live sessions in order for students to better interact with the teachers and peers. (unless otherwise noted by the teacher)
  • Be conscious of your background and make sure there is a light source in front of your face (Your teachers like to see your face!). 
  • Make sure your laptop is positioned so that your face (not the ceiling or wall above you) is visible.
  • Be aware that teachers may not be monitoring the chat box while teaching, so turn on your microphone to ask your question if you don’t get a response.
  • When joining a live session, students are required to mute the microphone.
  • Students are responsible for checking Schoology daily for updates and directions.  Bell schedules can be found here.
  • DyKnow remains enabled to allow teachers to monitor student activity during the school day.  Students are expected to keep DyKnow enabled.
  • During a live session, when given time to work on a class assignment, virtual learners are expected to work on that class period assignment.  
  • If you are having technology issues, send an email to helpdesk@lcss.org describing the issue as specifically as you can. You may also message help desk via Schoology messages.
  • Virtual learners may be required to take assessments in person at school as requested or scheduled by the teacher.


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