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Home Internet Access

Home Internet Access
ATTN: Parents of students enrolled in grades 7-10
All students enrolled in grades 7-10 have an extra layer of content filtering applied while off campus. The content filter requires students to authenticate with the Securly content filter using their LCSS Google account. Students that do not authentic properly will receive a privacy error (see image below).
To resolve this issue, please encourage your student to follow these steps:

1.     Close out of all browser tabs except one;

2.     Go to google.com and logout of your LCSS or personal Gmail account;

3.     Go to CNN.com;

4.     When prompted to sign back into Google use your LCSS account;   

Students can also login to lcss.schoology.com from a different computer within your household and view the video posted to the “CC – All Students” group for step by step instructions. The video, along with the instructions above, were posted in August.
Q: Why do students enrolled in grades 7-10 have this extra layer of content filtering?
A: Last year, a group of pro-active parents engaged in multiple conversations with the Learning Design and Technology Team to identify and purchase a content filter capable of the following:
  • Enhanced Reporting: Securly provides parents with weekly Internet activity reports (websites, search terms, social media use) for their son or daughter while using an LCSS issued MacBook.
  • Differentiated Filters: The maturity levels of students in grades 7-12 varies considerably. Parents requested – and Securly delivered – the ability to create separate content filters for junior high, underclassmen (9-10) and upperclassmen students (11-12).
  • Regulated Internet Access: Late this year or early next (est. December or January), Securly will release a parent app. The app will allow parents to turn on and off Internet access for students while they are off campus. We will let you know when this app becomes available.
Q: What do I do if I am not receiving the weekly Internet monitoring reports for my student in grades 7-10?
A: Email helpdesk@lcss.org to let us know about this issue. In your email, please indicate your name, preferred email(s), and the name of your son or daughter.
Q: Why is the extra layer of content filtering only applied to students enrolled in grades 7-10?
A: Upperclassmen students require access to email to complete college applications, apply for scholarships, and communicate with admissions offices. When protected by the second layer of content filtering (Securly), students cannot access their personal gmail accounts.
Q: I am a parent of a student enrolled in grade 11 or 12. Can I request for Securly to be installed on my son or daughter’s machine?
A: Yes. Email your request to helpdesk@lcss.org. Once your email is received, we will add Securly content filtering to your son or daughter’s machine.Within two weeks, you will begin to receive weekly Internet monitoring reports.
On behalf of the Learning Design and Technology team, I apologize for any inconvenience this extra layer of protection may have caused. Should your son or daughter continue to experience difficulty accessing the Internet from home, please email helpdesk@lcss.org.
Jeffrey Botteron

Director of Learning Design and Technology
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