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Health & Safety Update 01/15/2021

Health & Safety Update 01/15/2021

Dear Parents, 

I want to personally thank everyone for taking the individual responsibility for their health and the health of others in our school community. The impact of the pandemic on our schools this week has been minimal and it has been one of the best weeks from a health and safety standpoint this entire school year. There is no measurement that can help us weigh the importance of students attending school and participating in activities against the uncertainty of epidemiology. I pray this continues and we will adjust accordingly.   

Tippecanoe County was designated a ‘Red’ advisory level this week and some individuals have asked if this changes anything for our schools. The short answer is no. The county data is something we planned for and it is one of the reasons we made the decision to delay in-person by a week and require students to assess themselves daily. The Lafayette Catholic School System plans to continue in-person learning. Decisions to suspend in-person learning will be made on a school level basis based upon the percentage of positive cases, symptomatic individuals, close contacts and absenteeism. We will continue to track the following daily total by school: active cases, symptomatic individuals, close contacts, and opt-in virtual learners. 

Athletics and extracurricular activities do increase a students chances of being exposed to or contracting the virus. Based upon the data in our schools, there will be no modifications made at this time. We continue to recommend all coaches, athletic staff and athletes perform daily temperature checks and symptom assessments prior to every practice or game. Everyone involved in these activities is encouraged to monitor themselves closely and not participate if they have any symptoms or been in contact with anyone who has or suspected to have COVID-19. A focus on the individual, risk-minimization and making correct choices will decrease the impact on your family and our schools. Spectator attendance at competitions is subject to change, as we experienced this week, based upon the type of event as well as community spread. All schools in our county continue to work closely with each other and the Tippecanoe County Health Department to make policy decisions based upon the information available. 

Late next week we plan to release our reentry plans for the February 15-16 extended weekend, spring break and Easter. We need to assess the data from this week, seek feedback from our principals, staff and families. Before we develop our plan, we would be grateful for your input.

Here is a 2-minute survey to assist us in the planning process.  

Thank you for your continued efforts and support! It is wonderful to see students back in-person and a return to the stability of routine as a parent. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Matt C. Buche

Health & Safety Chair


(765) 607-4902 Direct

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