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Grandparents Day – Final Address Notice

Grandparents Day – Final Address Notice

All grandparents/grandfriends of the 7th-12th graders are invited to Central Catholic’s Virtual Grandparents’ Day on October 30, 2020, which will include a virtual Mass.  The link for the Mass is cc.lcss.org/grandparents-day

Please share this link or the Grandparents Day Invitation with your student’s grandparents if they have not already been invited to the Virtual Grandparents Day. If you would like your student’s grandparent to receive an invitation in the mail, please fill out this form, and an invitation will be sent out tomorrow. Please fill out this form by midnight tonight if you want an invitation mailed.

Please note, this mailed invitation will not include a personalized note from your student to their grandparent. This will simply be a printed version of the above invitation. 


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