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Frigid Temperatures Next Week

Frigid Temperatures Next Week

Next week, we again are expected to have wind chill temperatures between -10 and -20. These temperatures pose an increased risk of cold related injuries. We therefore ask that parents ensure that their children are well prepared for the journey to school, especially your teenage drivers or walkers.

When temperatures are expected to fall in this range we typically will delay the start of school to ensure that our parents, students and faculty have daylight and more travel time to arrive safely at school. These are the safety precautions that we as a school take to help ensure your travel is safe. However, you as the parents are the primary authority on your own child’s safety, even if we do not delay the start of school or cancel school. We therefore encourage you to assess the weather conditions for yourself, and if you feel that your child cannot safely travel to school, please call the school. Your child will be allowed to make up any missed work, and the absence will be listed as an excused absence. Safety is the priority.

Some of the forecasts for next week predict wind chill temperatures in the -40+ range. If we experience temperatures this low we may also consider closing school. We are also looking closely at all the events we have scheduled for next week and are working to make sure we give ourselves the highest probability that we will be able to have a successful Catholic Schools Week – So please pay close attention to EventLink announcements and the after school announcements.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Stay Warm and have a great weekend!


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